Zhou Lab @ Penn State University (PSU)

The Neural Interface Lab

The neural interface lab is lead by Dr. Tao Zhou at Penn State University (PSU). We work at the intersection of neuroengineering, electronics, materials science, bioengineering, and are motivated by a goal to improve human health. Our mission is to develop novel devices and platforms for an enhanced understanding of the in vivo nervous system, revealing mechanisms neural degenerative disease, and provide platforms for modulation of the in vivo nervous system for next generation brain-machine interface. These avenues of research will produce novel materials, devices and systems for a thorough understanding of the in vivo nerves system, provide platforms for reliable modulation of the in vivo nerves system, and high-fidelity communication with external prothesis and machines.

We are recruiting! Feel free to contact Dr. Zhou if you are interested in our work. Click Join us for more details.

This site contains pictures. Please use the follow link (https://sites.psu.edu/zhoulabpsu/) if pictures cannot show up or if you experience long waiting time.